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Why Royal Nepal Group ?

Why to choose us?

First and foremost selecting the right company for your outdoor adventure is extremely important for plenty of reasons. Apparently your trip is going to involve seen and unseen risk. Possible hazards can include everything from chilling winds in the mountains to river crossings to landslides to simply driving on highways. Does the company have a long history of excellence, risk management protocols, training systems, insurance, quality control systems and more? Next, you’re trusting what we believe is your most precious resource and time to this company. So having confidence and trustful experience will rejuvenate you and enrich your life which is vital. Another important aspect to look out is do they have good reviews? How long have they been in business? Do their trips sound exciting to you? Third, do they have integrity? What is their goodwill with other professional organizations and associations? What do their past guests say? What is their reputation?

To answer all your questions we would like you to take a look at the 12 good reasons why choosing Trekking Planner for your next adventure is a sound choice.

  1. 1. Solid track record with exceptional reviews – Reflection of exceptional operations


With more than thousand people joining our tours annually, we have a proven track record of providing quality trips that exceed our guests’ expectations. We are among the top-rated companies, and in fact activities, on different trekking and adventure levels. We also have star ratings on Trip Advisor, as well as on Trust Pilot and tour radar. 

  1. 2. All-Inclusive Tours – Your choice our commitment

We always strive and our ultimate goal is to make your trip to be fun filled and worry-free as possible!  That means Royal Nepal Group trips are all-inclusive, so gear, meals, snacks, local transportation, permits/reservations, fees and much more are handled for you. 

  1. 3. Small group adventure specialist – Personalized attention and care

  2. Our hiking and backpacking tours are always in a small group which never exceeds more than 12 guests, and most of the times it’s between 5-10 people per trip. What this means for you is you’re joining a personalized hiking vacation that prioritizes quality of experience at all times. 
  1. 4. Experienced, Certified, Local Guides – Top of their game

  2. We always make it a sincere effort and see that we only hire and train the best guides in the industry. To ensure this we seek out career-minded guides, hire them as employees (not independent contractors. They are paid a likable wage, conduct periodic staff trainings, and require current medical certifications. In addition to technical competency and credentials, they possess excellent people skills. These extraordinary men and women have the ability to transform a plain adventure into an unforgettable, inspiring life changing adventure. 
  1. 5. Wholesome meals and quality gear- Stress-free enjoyable qualitative

  2. To provide wholesome meals we customize our menus depending on the need and choice of the group, and we never use pre-packaged freeze-dried backpacking meals. You can always expect delicious appetizing meals that will refresh and inspire you throughout your trip! We also regularly accommodate vegetarian, vegan, non-gluten and other specialty diets. 

As for gear, we provide equipment with a retail value because we use only the best Osprey and Deuter backpacks, Sierra Designs and Mountain Hardware tents, Sierra Designs sleeping bags, Therm-a-Rest sleeping pads, and MSR stoves and cookware.

  1. 6. Local Management and sturdy Trip support- A friendly care outdoors

  2. Royal Nepal Group always has a local base of operations with a manager, Team Leader (in most locations) and other staff available to support operations in the field. In this way, we are able to offer trips that meet the Royal Nepal Group standard, and maintain the specialized, intimate nature of a smaller, local company. 
  1. 7. Comprehensive Risk Management – Consistent-Reliable-Trustful

  2. All our guides are certified and each of them holds a field-issued first aid kit, comprehensive list of medical protocols, and a satellite phone. If any new guide is inducted in the fleet, he/she needs to attend a comprehensive training. This is to ensure that they meet our standard of quality before putting them in the field with clients. Next, we monitor their performance closely through post-trip evaluations and debriefs. Finally, we have a 24-hour round the clock line that our staff, guests, and family members can call any time. Above all they can speak to a company representative without any form of doubts or hesitation. 
  1. 8. Witty and prompt customer service – Always there for you

  2. We have knowledgeable and witty Adventure Consultants ready to help you find the right trip and get prepared for it. All are experienced hikers and travelers (many of them guides), so the assistance they provide is genuine and factual. Also, we’re open every day so you can get answers to your questions any day of the week as per your convenience.
  1. 9. Wider tour options – Diverse distinct dependable

  2. Our tour offerings range from strenuous, off-trail backpacking adventures – to on-trail, moderate hiking and backpacking trips – to inn-based and basecamp hiking vacations. Our destinations range from the snow-clad Mount Everest Expeditions to the Great Annapurna Base Camp and more. This diversity allows you to enjoy the world’s inspiring landscapes in a variety of ways and at different times in your life, and we hope you’ll lens them all.

  1. 10. Honest eco-conservation/Social initiative – For the nature people and you

  2. Every time you do a hiking trip with us, you’re helping to conserve wild landscapes for our kids and for future generations. We donate significantly to conservation efforts. We have also implemented programs to reduce carbon emissions, save forests, and conserve natural resources. By booking any package with Royal Nepal Group; you are donating a certain percentage of our business profit to the remote villages of Nepal and other social organizations.
  1. 11. Alternative Trips – Anticipation Agile Adherence

Although it’s not in our hands and it’s a rare phenomenon. In some cases, if we unable to follow your packages for unavoidable reasons such as floods and sudden weather changes, we may need to cancel trips to these specific areas. In such cases, we make it a point to provide you with an alternative trip to make up for such cancellations. 

  1. 12. 10% Discount off any Trip for repetitive customers- Value Benefit Interesting

  2. When you trek with us for the second time, you’ll receive a Lifetime Family Membership. This entitles you, your spouse and your kids to a 10% discount off any future Royal Nepal Group trip. To avail this facility, you must book directly with us to receive the discount.