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Safety Protocols for Travelers in Nepal

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Important Covid-19 travel update for Nepal ! 


  • – No RT-PCR report needed for fully vaccinated travelers
  • – With a view to revive new life into the COVID-battered tourism sector, the government has removed the mandatory provision of RT-PCR report for fully-vaccinated international tourists. 
  • – As per the new ‘Travel Advisory’ notice issued by the Department of Immigration, fully-vaccinated international tourists have to present either COV- ID-19 negative report obtained within 72 hours from the first port of embarkation or vaccination certificate to be granted entry into the country. 
  • – Similarly, the provision of hotel quarantine has also been terminated. The new travel protocol is implemented to counter the increase in the vaccination rate. Besides that, the dominant Omicron variant of coronavirus was not causing severe health complications as per the direction of the COVID-19 Crisis Management Centre. 

Also, the cases of COVID infection are steadily declining. As per the new travel advisory, fully-vaccinated international tourists now have the option of presenting a COVID-19 negative report or vaccination certificate. 


Yet the tourists must comply with other health safety protocols such as wearing mask in public places and maintaining social distance. Earlier, all travellers to Nepal – including those fully-vaccinated – had to present a negative PCR report obtained within 72 hours of departure from the first port of embarkation and a printed copy of International Traveller Online Arrival Form obtained after online registration in the COVID-19 Crisis Management Centre website. 


Now all these mandatory Covid hassles are no more required. The travelers can now take a sigh of relief and travel to Nepal at their own will. So, make Royal Nepal Group as your holiday travel partner in the best of your moods and travel to the mountains with confidence. 


New travel guidelines for Nepal 2023 for vaccinated tourists are as under: – 


  • – Full proof evidence stating the completion of 14 days vaccination against the COVID-19. 
  • – Copy of mountaineering/trekking permits or related permits if any. 
  • – Proof of hotel reservation in Nepal. 
  • – Print copy of International Travel. 
  • – Online Arrival Form obtained after online registration in 

In case travelers who are without incomplete vaccination of COVID-19 protocols must obtain a visa from the Nepali diplomatic missions abroad. Such visitors are only allowed to enter Nepal through the authorized agencies only. In such a case, you should have all the supporting documents and you will have to compulsorily sit for a 10 days hotel quarantine. After that if you are tested negative, only in such situations you will be allowed to be on any kind of travel and trekking activity in Nepal.


For more information and the latest updates regarding the Nepal travel and visa procedures and COVID-19 status, feel free to contact us anytime. We are looking forward to welcoming you very soon and giving you the best of Nepal.