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    • On off the beaten trail from picturesque  Rara Lake  to scenic Khaptad park.
    • Enjoy tranquil surroundings of pristine Rara Lake and on route to Khaptad
    • Explore the unspoiled and undisturbed areas of Nepal Far Western Himalaya
    • Within both beautiful national parks of Rara  and Khaptad  on less ventured trails
    • Adventure to Nepal largest Lake Rara and holy hermitage sites of scenic Khaptad
Rara Lake Khaptad National Park Trekking, a combination of photogenic areas around Nepal Far and remote Western Himalaya. This whole adventure is more of an exploration rather than normal trekking, as this region is least ventured by foreign travelers. Where Royal Nepal group has set and designed this wonderful adventure for people. Who are interested and in search of fresh virgin country of Himalaya, to be away from mainstream and popular adventure destinations.
Rara Lake and Khaptad National Park Trekking will be the right and perfect choice for adventurers. Be the first few foreign visitors to set foot on these new fresh trails, within absolute wilderness. On this remote part of far western Nepal, where only some local often walks for trade. As well as to be in part of festival events and to rejoice with friends and family. 
This marvelous adventure starts heading towards the famous Rara Lake, the largest and deepest high altitude lakes of the country. Located on most scenic picturesque landscapes surrounded by green rolling hills and a range of towering snow-mountains with serene alpine woodland.
A swift scenic flight from Kathmandu takes you to Nepal Far South West, at Nepalgunj city airport. A connecting flight brings you to near Rara national park at Talcha small airstrip, where our adventure begins.
A wonderful walk-in tranquil surroundings, heading through the cool shade of the forest to enter Rara National Park. The smallest park of Nepal, with an area of 106 sq. km enriched with exotic flora and fauna. Which is rarely found in other parts of the world with various species of plants and wildlife.
Walk takes you right on the shore of the country’s largest Lake that covers the water surface at 10. 8 sq. km. Located at the height of 2, 990 m high encircled by marvelous scenery of rolling hills and views of snow-clad peaks.
Truly a haven and a paradise for nature lovers, to experience beautiful Rara Lake and its pristine surroundings. Spending pleasant scenic moments our next adventure takes you further west to Khaptad National Park
Where journey takes you off the beaten tracks, where western travelers hardly venture and explore around this remote location.
Walk takes you through lovely villages with nice tended farm terraces, as walk heads with climb to reach higher ridge. Overlooking grandeur scenery of stunning landscapes with views of Api and Shaipal Himal, the highest mountain range of Far West Nepal.
As adventure progress walking ups and downhill with glorious views to reach at Khaptad National Park, which was established in 1984. This scenic and amazing country was first pioneered by a Hindu hermit named Swami Sachchid Ananda, later famously known as Khaptad Baba. Spent most of his life on this serene and scenic location making it a holy hermitage and meditation spot.
Khaptad National Park, hardly foreign travellers visits due to its remote position, and access towards this wonderful site. 
Khaptad area a natural garden enriched with rare herbs and indigenous plants, as well as an excellent habitation for wild mammals. Includes 270 species of birdlife, located at the height of 3, 000 m high. From early spring and late autumn to winter covered in snow most of the seasons. March to May best time to visit when wild-flowers are in seasonal bloom, the green valley blanketed by various miniature flowers. Makes the valley a unique and awesome place to enjoy your stay at Khaptad valley and its scenic park.    
After a great glorious time around beautiful Himalayan destinations of Rara Lake and Khaptad. Return journey takes you to nice farm villages and towns for an exciting drive to reach the warm south of western Nepal. Where a scenic, sweeping flight brings you to Kathmandu, after a most memorable journey of a life-time experience on Rara Lake Khaptad National Park Trekking.


Day 1

Arrival in Kathmandu Airport (1350 m) and transfer to Hotel.Arrival in Kathmandu Airport (1350 m) and transfer to Hotel.

On main arrival in Kathmandu and Nepal International airport, received by our guides, and staff for short transfer in the heart of Kathmandu city around Thamel area. Where you hotel located, after getting refreshed in your lovely room and then join with other members of the trek to Rara Lake and Khaptad National Park trek. Our guide will provide briefing includes all information required for the trek as well your stay in Nepal for 18 days or more.

Evening a group welcome dinner in a nice restaurants, with complete Nepalese ambiance, enjoy lovely Nepali dishes along with folk cultural program to entertain while you have your nice dinner.

Day 2

Pre-Trip Meeting and Sightseeing at World Heritage Sites.

Morning after breakfast our city guide will take you for a short drive showing you the wonders of Nepalese history, religion and culture as you enjoy the tour of exciting places listed in world heritage sites.

Covering most of the famous landmarks and historical sites of religious background, and then evening a final meeting for the trek, with time for flights and packing as you depart from the hotel for more than two weeks adventure to Nepal Far West.

Day 3

Flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj 50 mins and transfer to hotel.

Morning in Kathmandu, after breakfast as time for flight to Nepalgunj transfer to Kathmandu domestic airport for scenic flight to land at Nepal Far South West in Nepalgunj city airport. During air for about 50 minutes, enjoy panorama of Himalaya mountain range as you land at Nepalgunj city airport.

Located around low sub-tropical climate, the areas of much Indian influence, due to close border of Indian states UP (Utter Pradesh). On landing at Nepalgunj city airport transfer to respective hotels within city limit, afternoon with time to explore around the city of Nepalgunj.

Day 4

Fly to Talcha 2,735 m and trek to Rara Lake 2,990 m - 05 hours.

Early morning after breakfast catch another short flight of 40 minutes to land close to Rara National Part at small airstrip in Talcha.

After getting organized, as our porter will take care of heavier baggage, and then follow our guide to enter Rara National Park.

As walk leads into lovely forested area and through nice farm village to reach on the shore of huge Rara Lake, and then transfer into one of its many good simple lodges and hotels. Arriving in time for late lunch and overnights, enjoy the afternoon marveling at the beauty of Rara Lake and its tranquil surroundings.

Day 5

Free day at Rara Lake for short excursion and hike.

A free day for hike and excursion around marvelous locations and enjoy scenery of dramatic landscapes with views of high mountains. Walk around beautiful Rara

Lake, the lake with few lodges built by the Park and village community for visitors. A perfect and ideal place to enjoy rest day. Explore around the shore of the lake, might spot some wild-life with various species of birds, including resident and migratory ducks. Climb to a tower for grand views of Rara Lake with scenic backdrop of scenic rolling green hills and snowcapped peaks.

Day 6

From Rara Lake trek to Serkot 2, 500 m - 06 hours.

After an exciting and pleasant staying at beautiful location around Rara Lake, next adventure takes you at the far end of Rara National Park. As morning takes you further west past nice villages populated by Hindu Thakuri Chettries, Brahmin and Rokas the main hill tribes of Western mid-hill with some Magar and Daliti tribes.

Walk heads towards smaller farm areas and villages to reach our overnight stop at a place called Serkot, from here, on tented camping with meals served by our cook and kitchen hands with separate kitchen unit.

Day 7

Trek from Serkot to Juga-La 1, 600 m - 06 hours.

Enjoying overnights with first nights in the comfort of tented camps, with lovely meals and breakfast. Morning starts heading past smaller rural villages to enter into forested area and large grazing fields. As route leads to climb above a ridge of Juga-La at above 2, 400 m, facing lovely views of surrounding country and then descend to the base of Juga-La hill for overnight camp, in a grassy meadow.

A place away from human settlement and villages in complete wilderness with only the sound of nature.

Day 8

Trek from Juga-La to Kolti 1, 300 m -06 hours.

From the base of Juga-La hill and a small pass, walk on gradual pleasant path, where it enters into pine forest to reach back into farm areas and smaller villages with few short climb and downhill to reach at small farm village of Kolti.

A low warm farm country, where villagers will be more than excited to see foreign visitors passing through to their villages. As they hardly come across new faces of travelers traveling through the villages, overnight camp near the farm field with time for short walk around the village outskirt.

Day 9

Trek from Kolti to Parekh Lekh 2,700 m - 06 hours.

After a pleasant stop at Kolti, walk begins to enter forested areas of pines and oaks, with the sound of birds call facing views of distant snow-peas as walk continues further west to reach much cooler areas of Parekh Lekh.

In Nepal Lekh means a high hilly or mountainous areas, enjoy grand scenery around you facing beautiful views of surrounding landscapes and distant snow peaks. Camping is pitched on a wide grassy field near the grazing area and temporary shelter of cow and cattle herders.

Day 10

Trek from Parekh Lekh to Martadi 1, 897 m -05 hours.

From this isolated spot of Parekh Lekh, a short climb to a hill offers more views of the western sides towards Khaptad country, as walk heads downhill on nice winding path to reach a small farm areas of Martadi for overnight camp.

Day 11

Trek from Martadi to Dhuralsen 1, 625 m -05 hours.

With pleasant overnight in Martadi small farm village, walk leads towards a high hill covered in dense forest, and following as crossing some streams to reach a large grazing field, where our camping and kitchen staff will prepare simple hot lunch by a stream. After a refreshing lunch stop, continue walk to short ups and then down to reach another small farm village of Dhuralsen.

Overnight camp is set on a wide farm fields, with time for short exploration of this new country, where foreign travelers not have ventured this far around remote corners of far western Nepal.

Day 12

Trek from Dhuralsen to Laske Chaur 2, 060 m - 06 hours.

Morning after hearty breakfast in the camp, get ready for another nice pleasant walk, where route leads you closer to our next beautiful destination at Khaptad and the national park. From Dhuralsen to Laske Chaur more of winding path into dense tree lines of lush green vegetation, with chances of spotting some wild-life with various species of exotic birds.

Walk reaches much cooler areas to reach at Laske Chaur, means a wide field and popular grazing land for local village’s domestic cattle. Overnight camp in a large grassy meadow within scenic wilderness of green hills and tall tree lines with views of snow-peaks of far western Himalayas.

Day 13

Trek from Laske Chaur to Khaptad 3, 157 m -06 hours.

Today walk leads to higher hills walking into cool shade of alpine forest enriched with tall rhododendron and pines trees with other species of vegetation and tree lines. Walk leads into serene and tranquil surroundings as route leads towards last final climb of for few hours. From the top offers magnificent scenery of dramatic landscapes. From here a slow easy walk to enter Khaptad National Park entrance, where our camp for two nights pitched on a beautiful green valley with moors within its vast pasture land.

Day 14

Day exploration around Khaptad scenic area.

A great place for extra free day, after leisure time for breakfast morning explore around its beautiful pristine wilderness within Khaptad National Park. Visit the holy Hindu temple and its nice premises of Khaptad Baba. A saint and a hermit who migrated from India, who lived around this beautiful areas in early 1940 and spend his whole life around this scenic haven at Khaptad, meditating and worship of natural spirits.

A perfect place for rest day and hike around this wonderful serene area where you can spot some wild animals and bird life, after a peaceful walk return to the camp for last overnight at Khaptad National Park.

Day 15

Trek from Khaptad to Simal-Pani 1, 500 m -06 hours.

Enjoying most wonderful time and experience at Khaptad National Park, walk leads towards our return journey to reach several farm village via Bichpani village and then end the day at Simal-Pani a small rural farm village.

Situated on a beautiful landscapes and terrain and full of bird life with views of excellent surrounding scenery.

Day 16

Trek from Simal-Pani to Tamil 1, 130 m-02 hours.

After Simal-Pani, walk today leads to larger villages and towns as route follows southward with much downhill to reach around more farm areas and villages.

As walk heads through mixed terrain of ups and down within forest, farm land, enjoying views along the way with cheerful greeting by the villagers, and then after a good day end the last day walk of the adventure on reaching Tamil a small hill town with overnight camp or in a local simple lodge / guest-house.

Day 17

Drive from Tamil to Dhangadi 109 m - 08 hours.

The final day of this marvelous adventure on Rara Lake and Khaptad National Park Trekking completes, taking an early morning long exciting drive to reach the city of Dhangadi, located Far South West within Terai belt, the low-land and tropical areas of Nepal.

Drive leads on winding narrow road to reach warmer areas past many farm villages and hill tops, then finally on good flat road to reach at Dhangadi for last overnight in the comfort of nice hotels.

Day 18

Fly from Dhangadi to Kathmandu 1,350 m and transfer to hotel.

Morning or afternoon time as per flight time for Kathmandu transfer to Dhangadi airport and then fly back to Kathmandu, with grand views of Himalayan mountain range. On reaching Kathmandu domestic airport, transfer back to your hotel with time in the afternoon for rest and short walks.

Day 19

International departure to respective countries homeward bound.

Last day in the land of high mountains and colorful culture, with your time for international flight depart from the hotel, our staff and guide transfer you to airport, enjoying great adventure and experience on Rara Lake to Khaptad National Park.


    • All airport pick up drop by private vehicle
    • Twin/double shearing deluxe accommodation in Kathmandu
    • Guided sightseeing tours with car and necessary entrance fees in Kathmandu
    • 01 night Twin/double shearing deluxe accommodation in Nepaljung
    • Flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj to Talcha and Dhangadi to Kathmandu 
    • Tamil to Dhangadi by local bus/jeep
    • National Park entrance fee and Trekkers’ Information Management System( TIMS card)
    • A highly experienced, helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, English speaking well trained, Government license holder guide with all his salary, food, drinks, accommodation, Transport, and insurance.
    • 02 guest=01 porter with their Insurance, Salary, Food, accommodation and equipment.
    • Accommodation in the mountain during the trekking
    • Three meals a day; breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner and tea/coffee during the trekking.
    • Safe drinking water
    • All applicable government and local taxes per the itinerary


    • Your Nepal Visa fees (should bring small accurate fees in USD and 02 passport size photos)
    • All the international air fare from and to Kathmandu (no need to pay departure tax for international flight)
    • Lunch and Dinner in Kathmandu and in Nepaljung
    • Personal travel and health insurance, insurance for helicopter evacuation
    • In case of extra nights’ accommodation, lunch and dinner in city due to early arrival and late departure as well as early return from trekking (due to any reason) than the given time period of itinerary
    • Your personal expenses such as laundry, baggage charge, phone calls, battery recharge, bar and beverage bill, boiled or bottle water, hot and cold shower, extra porter, etc.
    • Tips to the trekking crews and drive
    • Extra expenses due to flight delays, strikes, weather condition or any event out of our control
    • Anything not included in service includes column

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It is important that all trekkers to have good physical fitness with sound health, as Nepal Himalaya trekking destinations are full of steep ups and downs, with very few gradual level path. One can exercise like jogging, aerobic, swimming, and walking up and down on steps before or after booking at least two weeks to a month.

One can travel without a guide, or trekking solo which is possible on main major routes like Everest, Annapurna, and Langtang region.

But for remote adventurous and challenging treks one should be accompanied by an expert local guide with Government approved license, as well joining with reputed local agencies. Always good to have guides with you on mainstream treks or for other adventurous treks, will be an excellent companion to share and communicate ideas and knowledge of the trekking area.

As Rara Lake and Khaptad Areas will be more of exploration than normal trekking, which you can do only joining with reliable company and expert guide who knows the area of trekking.

In major cities like in Kathmandu and Nepalgunj where you can book from budget tourist standard and from 1 to 5-star deluxe hotels or resorts with high-class accommodation of international standard.

On this treks to Rara Lake and Khaptad, especially around Rara Lake simple lodge of tourist standard area available with large or small rooms with attached and non-attached bathrooms and toilets but with large dining room with a warm environment and friendly hospitality and services including limited food menu items. But after Rara Lake to Khaptad no lodges are found of tourist standard or none at all, it will be on tented camping with food served by our camping cooks of great standard and hygienic.

In local lodge at Rara Lake, simple meals, noodles, Nepali Dal Bhat and pasta or chapatti with boiled or curry vegetables and salads. But on camping our cook serves from continental, Chinese, Indian and Nepalese meals with high standard meals with some fresh baked cakes and pies also.

Using flight on bigger planes to Nepalgunj city airport and towards Talcha smaller aircraft to land near Rara Lake, on return a long drive on four wheelers / jeeps or similar with flights from Dhangadi to Kathmandu.

March to May and September to November during spring and autumn / fall seasons are the best time for this trek as well around Himalayan region.

Only while around Rara Lake, onward to Khaptad very few villages with hydro power electricity, needs to carry your own portable solar panel for this trek especially after visiting Rara Lake.

Communication available in all major villages and towns like ISTD to STD or Sat-Phone, cell phone used by all Nepalese in whole Nepal. The difference is where you are sometimes the network does not work at its best, due to bad weather or in deep valley and gorge as well enclosed by high mountain range.

For meals in Kathmandu if it’s not included in the package cost. Tipping in hotels, restaurants as well for guides and staff including drivers if you are satisfied with the services. Other extra costs for your expenses buying drinks and snacks, especially if the flights get delayed or canceled for Talcha around Rara Lake.

Where you need to pay for the food and accommodation, as well on emergency evacuation by helicopter or breaking the journey earlier for some personal reason and health / medical condition. Save at least minimum of US$ 500 in case of emergency purpose, as well for your personal expenses.

The only emergency can happen due to personal health could be from own medical problem or sudden unavoidable circumstance arise like bad weather, heavy snow-fall or rock falls which can happen any time anywhere.

Where our guide are expert taking care and precaution for the whole group for safety and making secure with enjoyable holiday in Nepal.

For very sick person needs to evacuated as fast as possible, by any means of quick transportation.

Only while in Rara Lake staying in lodge, provides hot / cold shower, but on route to Khaptad not available except having a bathe on nearby cold rivers and streams.

Yes, it is a must and compulsory that you purchase Travel and Medical Insurance in your own country, in case of trip cancellation due to bad worse weather that stays longer. As well as roadblocks due to landslides, avalanches including political disturbance with roadblocks, strike, and arson can happen anywhere in the world apart from Nepal. For medical insurance in case of serious medical problems with high altitude symptoms that you might need immediate rescue by fastest means like Helicopter service.

Where all the expenses for not able to enjoy the whole journey due to above mention reason, where your insurance comes handy to get some re-fund or reimbursement. The local company can only help you by making a letter with a doctor's certificate to support the claim from your insurance company.

Except at Nepalgunj and Dhangadi bigger towns and cities, on this trek where there are no facilities of ATM or money changing facilities.