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Are you an adventure seeker and a traveler? If yes, Nepal should be on top of your bucket list. There is a plethora of adventure places in Nepal and you will be highly impressed with the variety it offers. The adventures range from average to extreme and covers all – land, water and air.

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Backpacking Trips

Nepal has emerged as a hugely popular backpacking destination, offering adventure and a change in culture that few countries can match. As a result of the tourism boom, accommodation options are easy to find in all of the major destinations and cities, with many different options to suit your needs and budget.

Family Hiking Trips

Trekking in Nepal with children certainly requires some special planning, as some routes are far from roads and medical facilities. But while some hard-core trekkers have mourned the spread of roads into the mountains, this means many places are better connected — physically and in terms of emergency communication — than they once were.

Bungee Jumping

Nepal is adorned with beautiful views that make it a great place to indulge in bungee jumping. There are only 3 places that offer the opportunity to experience it. The ultimate thrill of a bungy jump can now be experienced in Nepal at one of the best sites that this sport can boast of anywhere in the world.

Camping In Nepal

Camping trekking in Nepal is the well-known style of organized trekking. Camping trekking in which all necessary logistic and accommodation service is arranged by the trekking team themselves. Camping treks needs all camping equipment along with food and tents to carry by the crew member themselves.

Why Royal Nepal Group

With various hassles, you might encounter during your trip and the safety issues at hand, a guided tour is a perfect way to set out for any destination in Nepal. We, at Royal Nepal, give you wonderful suggestions as to how you can make the most out of your guided tour.


Our holidays and services vary in nature just like the wonderful eco balances of the Himalayan environment we live in, they include 4 season outdoor breaks, whirlwind historical tours, countryside hikes on the rims of the valley, treks on off-the-beat-trails, go-wild river rafting, kayaking, remote wilderness treks, overland tours, site seeing at exclusive heritage sites, thrilling mountain bike tours, spiritual tours, cozy homestays, practical volunteer programs, unique jungle safaris, all domestic and international ticketing services, yoga and meditation with spa therapies and reliable transportation services throughout the Himalayas.