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Royal Nepal Group


“Live like there is no tomorrow. Unless there is a surge of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities”. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning. Royal Nepal Group is all about good fortune opportunity and a life changing plan.  

For last four good years we have been turning dreams into reality of diverse adventure seekers around the globe. Our trekking journey is a story of excellence and a myriad of exceptionally enthusiastic contributions made in the field of trekking. As all epic things starts with a humble steps and small beginnings lead to great endings. 

Royal Nepal Group is a brain child of Mr. Sushil Tiwari a philanthropist and a true pioneer in tourism sector. Then a porter to a guide and now a successful travel entrepreneur reflects a fairy tale transformation his hard work and vision to serve people.  Since then, it has never looked back and has been crafting mind blowing tours and winning hearts and minds of each traveler uncompromisingly. Royal Nepal Groups considers clients as an inseparable part of an extended part of a global family. We always ensure that they are happy and satisfied. 

Royal Nepal Group is a government registered company actively involved to provide and to enrich experiences for travelers to enjoy lifetime adventure. We have a fleet of loyal staff and guides having more than 10 years of flawless experience in tourism. They are well versed in varieties of languages including English, French and German. Besides that, they know the terrain, the challenging difficulties, the attractions, and the mysteries that these terrains conceal both beneath and up. We’ll be there, like we’ve been there before. 

In our glorious four years of service, we served more than five hundred clients. Trip advisor has awarded us the certificate of excellence. More than hundreds valuable clients have awarded us. It is so because we know our customers exact needs and package that is overwhelmingly delightful. With us it doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur heading for your first trekking/tour or an experienced backpacker. Everyone’s needs are taken care of be it an off the beaten trails to a high climbing expedition to an aerial tour or an aquatic rafter expedition. You name it we have it. Registered with the Government of Nepal, TAAN (Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal), NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association), KEEP (Kathmandu Environmental Education Project), we abide strictly to the standards and requirements set by these agencies. 

We are certain that travel has a special power to connect people hence we specialize and emphasize in small groups. Small group travel is a fast-track to new friendships and generates a close-knit vibrant travel atmosphere and experiences. Royal Nepal Group makes sure that the clients enjoy walking in the own chosen pace. It is not a meagre co-incidence but facts that the allure of trekking in the Himalayas attracts thousands of tourists to Nepal each year. But there’s more to see and do in the country, especially for adventurous travelers. We have an ideal tailor-made compilation of variety of tour packages that allow you experience everything that this part of the world has to offer. In addition to day tours and trekking expeditions, you can join jungle safari trips, white-water rafting excursions, and scenic mountain flights. If adrenaline flows in your veins and then you can get vertical with the likes of paragliding, bungee jumping or ultra-light flying. And we’re continuously developing new itineraries by talking with our clients, studying emerging tourism markets, and highlighting newly explored route. You are always in safe hands as our knowledge of the environment and altitude related problems and the experience related to these challenges comes handy at the hour of need. While trekking in the Himalayas we always set your safety as our priority. Be it the case of immediate rescue or other difficulties you face during the trek, we always stand by your side. Be assured of that. 

Royal Nepal Group is committed to the philosophy of listening to our clients carefully, and fulfilling their needs. Join the team of Royal Nepal Group with confidence and get yourself professional personalized service. We always look to carve ways to increase the value of our Himalayan tours. That’s why we offer discounts for families, returning customers, and visitors referred by previous clients. 

We always stay grounded and focus on keeping a long-lasting relationship with all of our local business partners. Above all we are concerned in local communities’ growth and future development too. Come join us as we are more than eager to be part of your travel experience, whether it’s a once-in-a-lifetime adventure or a short holiday with your family. Let us know your feedback, ideas, and travel aspirations so that we can give you the trip of your life. 

Besides tours and trekking, Royal Nepal Group believes in giving back to the community. We have a program designed to help the underprivileged communities in remote places of the country. We pledge a small part of our total earnings to make a contribution to the greater good of the people. The money that we accumulate is for the ones who are deprived of the education, basic needs and other privileges. 

Interested clients can also help with their contributions under the company’s website or express their intentions to us. Giving back when you travel is about leaving a positive influence in a destination through socially and environmentally conscious travel practices. It’s all about experiencing the culture, tradition, nature and great way to bring a positive impact on the environment and the local community. This will certainly lead to a more memorable and meaningful travel experience that could change the perspective of the way you look at the world.