Royal Nepal Group

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Our Mission

Royal Nepal has built up a reputation founded on a proven ability to provide quality adventure holidays that represent real value-for-money.? From day one, we have been motivated by the desire to take small groups of like-minded people to some of the most remote and rarely-visited locations in Nepal and its neighbouring Himalayan countries and to provide an authentic travel experience. We have always strived to look beyond the tourist traps and to provide itineraries that include forgotten mountain trails, hidden valleys, isolated villages and deserted coastlines. 

Royal Nepal Group

Extraordinary Experiences

At Royal Nepal, our goals are to be passionate about giving you a travel experience you will never forget. We believe that travel should offer a unique and thrilling experience that teaches us something new about the world and even ourselves. We offer a wide range of fully escorted tours, each carefully designed to provide a unique adventure of a lifetime.

Our mission is to share this passion for travel with like-minded individuals. Our tours appeal to a special kind of traveller: one who wants more out of travel than simply relaxing on a sunny beach for an entire week.

Our travelers are typically motivated people who want to get out there and explore a new corner of the globe, immersing themselves in their unique differences and fascinating culture. Our tours are for the adventurous, flexible, and fun-loving traveller. Our central goals are to give you and your family a holiday that makes life worth living for your life with sweet memories.

Our Core Values

We are highly responsible Tour and Adventure Company who organizes and carries out all adventure activities in Nepal Our Business focus is to organize planned holiday trips for visitors from all over the world. With respect to this, we seek to build mutually beneficial partnerships and relations with adventure and tour companies of good standing in order to exchange business ideas related to all aspects of tourism in both our countries and share the mutual benefit with them. We concentrate on personalized services for all our clients ensuring satisfaction at all times in the course of their holidays in our country. It is a part of our company policies to build a travel brand of repute for ourselves and our partners in all aspects of our business.